"Basílica del Santísimo Sacramento"
The organ and church history
Mutin Cavaillé-Coll, 1912

The organ

This big and lavish instrument was inaugurated in 1915 by the french organist Jules Beyer. Mrs. Mercedes Anchorena, a rich woman who lived in Buenos Aires, bought herself the instrument to the Cavaillé-Coll House. She travelled to Paris specially for that purpose. Charles Mutin travelled to Buenos Aires in order to attend the organ inauguration. The Toccata of the 5th Symphony by Charles Widor was played in that occasion. The parish archives have much information about these events.

Unfortunately the original mechanical console was replaced. We ignore all concerning its final destination. An italian console (Tamburini) was installed in 1955. The original disposition of the keyboards was altered when the Tamburini console was introduced. The disposition that we can see in the "Organ specification" page is the current one. The originally designed by Charles Mutin was:
Man. I = GO
Man. II = Positif
Man. III = Récit
Man. IV = Solo.

The current status of the organ is very good.

Pictures taken by Enrique Rimoldi before the original console was removed.

Brother Cipriano Brance playing at the original Cavaillé-Coll console.
(Data gently provided by Dr. Ezequiel Menendez)

Picture provided by Ezequiel Menendez