"Inmaculada Concepción" Chapel
"Saturnino Unzué" Institute (Mar del Plata city)
The organ and the Church history

"Saturnino Unzué" Institute

In 1906 a proposal for building a Hopital-Asylum for young female children is submited by Mrs. Maria Unzue de Alvear, a very rich lady.
The french architect Louis Faure Dujarric was in charge of the construction in which the best building materials were employed as special request from Mrs Unzue de Alvear.
The building should also include a Chapel.
Construction started in 1908.

The Chapel

The Chapel is a magnificent and unique neobizantine example of architecture in South America conceived and built by Curzio Caponetti Esegui in Rome.
Built with the most exquisite materials, under the rule of the Sacred Traditional Symbolism, owes its inspiration to the Sacred Numerology -number 8 in this case- which is employed with thematic frecuency in the whole plan of the building even in the smallest details in a wonderous display of mystic chryptography.

Historic Monument

In August 15, 1985 has been declared Nacional Historic Monument.

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