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Rafael Leonardo Ferreyra

Rafael Ferreyra was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began his musical study at the age of six on piano and on the organ at thirteen. In 1977 he earned the Diploma Superior in piano at the "Academia de Musica Santa Ana", and in organ at the "Instituto de Música Sacra of Buenos Aires" with the highest marks.

In the following years he attended master classes with Montserrat Torrent, Edgar Krapp, Ludger Lohmann, Christoph Mantoux, Pierre Cochereau, James Higdon, Mireille and Bernard Lagace, Lionel Rogg, Kimberly Marshall and Daniel Roth. In 1988 he received a scholarship to study in the United States under the direction of Dr. Shirley King, at Lawrence University (Kansas). Since then, he has been an active recitalist in organ festivals in Uruguay, USA, Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Brazil, Hungary and England.

He has composed several works for the organ and organ with synthesizers. His work "Mars Aelíptica" for solo organ has been awarded in the International Concours in Organ Composition (UNESP), Brazil (1998). He is also author of the video "Organos Notables de Buenos Aires" which shows the Cavaillé-Coll instruments in the city plus several other interesting historic organs arrived from Germany, England and Italy.

Rafael Ferreyra's organ tours included recitals at

St.Patrick´s Cath. (New York),
Cath. of St John the Divine (New York),
Cathedral of the Incarnation (NY),
Washington National Cath.,
Methuen Memorial Music Hall (Boston),
Woolsey Hall (Yale University),
Bourges Cath. (France),
Basílica Arcipestral de Morella (Spain),
Bonn Cathedral (Germany),
Frauenkirche (Nürmberg),
Egyetemi Templom (Budpest),
Hartford Cathedral (USA),
St. Paul's Cathedral (London),
Trinity Church (Boston),
Ulm Cathedral,
Erding Organ Festival,
Deutsches Museum (Munchen),
Eglise Saint Sulpice (Paris)
Westminster Abbey (London).

Since 1976, Rafael Ferreyra is Music Director and organist at the "Basílica del Sagrado Corazón" in Buenos Aires, being responsible of the current Organ Festival. Located in that building is one of the notable Cavaillé- Coll organs in South America in original condition.

He was also Dean of the Argentina Chapter of the American Guild of Organist and since 2002 founder member of the Association "Tuba Magna" for the preservation of the notable tracker organs in Buenos Aires.

"Mars Aeliptica" CD (HCD 2001)
Organ at First United Methodist Church in Eugene, Oregon. (Available from Organ Historical Society)

"Organos Notables de Buenos Aires"

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David Jorge Merello

Born in 1966, in Buenos Aires. Rafael Ferreyra is his organ teacher. He has played concerts in differents churches in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Potosí (Bolivia).

David Merello is a System Analyst, also. He works in the System Area of BASF Argentina S.A. (a branch of BASF AG, Germany).

This site is being built by himself with the cooperation of Rafael Ferreyra.

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